Footballer al-Soma among candidates for the award of best scorer in Asia

Kuala Lumpur, SANA_ After getting the title of best footballer in Syria, the Asian Football Federation chose Omar al-Soma and another nine players to win the title of best Scorer in Asian Leagues.

The Asian Football Federation said on its website that al-Soma is one of the best players in Asia, and he has a special gift of scoring in the air and in the free fixed shot.

Al-Soma has got the rate of one goal per game since he played in al-Ahli in 2014, the Asian Football Federation added.

Omar al-Soma was born on March, 28, 1989. He got the titles of best scorer in the Syrian League with 29 goals, best scorer in Kuwaiti League in 2013 with 23 goals and three times best scorer in KSA League with 22, 27, 24 goals.



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