Military source: Turkish-backed terrorists prepare for false-flag chemical attack in western Aleppo, Idleb to accuse Syrian Arab Army

Damascus, SANA_ A military source announced that the terrorist organizations in Idleb and western Aleppo are preparing to stage a false-flag chemical attack to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of doing that and push it to stop its operations in those areas.

The source said in a statement to SANA that “as terrorist organizations have used to do whenever the Syrian Arab Army achieves progress in its battles to liberate the land from terrorism and protect civilians, these organizations, backed by the Turkish regime, are currently preparing to stage a false-flag chemical attack in western Aleppo and Idleb to accuse the Syrian army and push it to stop its operations in these areas.

The source added that “these tricks and fabrications that the terrorists ruminate every time have become consumed and no longer deceive anyone and will not help achieving what the terrorist organizations and their supporters want.

” The military operations will continue until all Syrian territories are cleared of the terrorists and their crimes, especially that the world as a whole knows that the Syrian Arab Army never used this weapon and it no longer possesses it at all.” The source concluded .

Yara Ismail/ Gh.A.Hassoun


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