A source from national delegation : Turkish regime’s delegation rejects joining sessions from two days, rejects national principles

Geneva, SANA-A source from the Syrian national delegation at the Committee of Discussing the Constitution affirmed that from two days, the delegation has been ready to discuss the national principles on which the Syrians don’t differ, yet the Turkish regime’s delegation disagreed with us on them, and they rejected to discuss them for reasons which have become well-known by the Syrian people.

The source told SANA’s delegate to Geneva that “over two days we haven’t entered any session due to the rejection of the Turkish regime’s delegation of the national principles which our delegation wanted to propose.”

The source noted that the Turkish regime’s delegation which is subordinate to its Turkish masters has rejected to engage in any discussion on the basic national principles which are of interest to the Syrian people.

The source went on to say that the subordination of the Turkish regime to the abroad made it reject to discuss basic principles such as the independence, sovereignty and combating terrorism.

“The delegation of the Turkish regime is the one which rejected to join the sessions from two days and not our delegation, because it is unable to discuss national issues such as the rejection of the Turkish and U.S. occupation and fighting terrorist organizations and combating terrorism,” the source said.

On Monday, the national delegation submitted a proposal on the agenda that includes the talk on the national principles, but the Turkish regime’s delegation rejected it and they refused to come to the UN headquarters to discuss the agenda as they obstructed the start of the meetings of the Mini-Committee which were scheduled to be held on Monday for five days in completion of the first round which was held between Nov. 4-8.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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