Syrian students in Slovakia: Correctionist Movement still incentive for reconstruction

Prague, SANA- Syrian university students in Slovakia renewed their standing by their homeland in the war against terrorism, expressing appreciation of the achievements realized by the Correctionist Movement.

The National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS)/ Slovakia Branch said in a statement on 49th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement that the anniversary of the glorious Correctionist Movement is still an incentive and motive for improving the performance and exerting relentless efforts for the reconstruction in Syria.

The statement read that the glorious Correctionist Movement, has laid the bases of a strong and effective state which is able to guarantee the interests of its people and to protect its sovereignty from the enemies.

The statement indicated that due to the Correctionist Movement, the Syrian state has become free in its decision on all levels and it has broken all the anti-Arabism chains.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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