Larijani affirms Iran’s support to Syria territorial integrity

Tehran, SANA- Speaker of Iranian Shura council, Ali Larijani, reiterated on Monday his country’s support to Syria’s territorial integrity, security and stability.

“Iran supports security and stability of Syria and it always stresses need to keep Syria’s unity, so Iran holds necessary consultations with other countries about this issue,” Larijani said during a meeting with Syria’s Ambassador in Tehran, Adnan Mahmoud.

The Ambassador, for his part, affirmed the need for halting the Turkish regime aggression on Syria and the withdrawal of its occupation troops and all foreign, illegitimate forces from Syrian territories.

He affirmed that the Syrian army is determined to have complete control on all Syrian lands, protect borders and purify what has remained of terrorism in the country.

Mahmoud expressed Syria’s appreciation for Iran’s stances in support of Syria sovereignty and unity.

Mazen Eyon


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