Canada, Czech condemn Turkish aggression on Syrian territories

Capitals, SANA- Canada condemned the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territory, affirming that this act threatens security and stability in the region.

AFP News Agency quoted Canadian Foreign Minister as saying in a statement Canada strongly condemns the Turkish military incursion into Syria, and it considers this acts as a unilateral act which threatens stability in the region, and aggravates the humanitarian situation.

The Canadian Government also  announced that it has suspended new export permits for the Turkish regime, particularly those which are related to the military equipment and that came in a response to the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories.

Meanwhile, Czech Chamber of Deputies condemned the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territory, calling upon Prime Minister Andrej Babis to work through the EU on adopting economic and political measures that would force the Turkish regime to stop that aggression.

The Chamber of Deputies expressed solidarity with the Syrian people, welcoming Czech suspense of weapons exports to the Turkish regime.

Head of the Chamber of Deputies Vojtech Filip, for his part, affirmed that the Turkish aggression doubtlessly represents a violation of the international and humanitarian law and a complete failure of the NATO alliance.

Czech Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek, in an interview with the Czech TV, said that the Turkish regime has violated the international law through its aggression on the Syrian territory.

Zaorálek added that the reaction of the NATO Secretary-General towards the Turkish offensive which calls for self-restraint isn’t enough.

He added that it is time for the EU to adopt a decisive stance and to have its own security and foreign policy.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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