Update- Army units complete deployment in Manbej, enter new villages in Hasaka countryside

Aleppo, SANA – Syrian Arab Army units completed their deployment in the city of Manbej and its surroundings in Aleppo province’s northeastern countryside, where they were welcomed by the locals.

SANA’s correspondent said locals gathered in the city center, carrying Syrian flags and cheering for the army which came to defend the city and its people from the Turkish aggression, but militants from QSD (SDF) opened fire on the locals to disperse them.

Later, units of the army entered the villages of al-Aghibish, Lylan and Tawilah in the north-western countryside of Tal Tamer town in Hasaka north countryside.

SANA reporter said that families of the three villages expressed joy over the coming of the army to protect them and defend the Homeland against the Turkish regime troops and their tools of terrorists.

Hazem Sabbagh/Mazen

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