President al-Assad to Khaji: Importance of continuing constructive coordination among Syria and Iran and Russia

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday received Ali Asghar Khaji, Senior Aide of the Iranian Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs, and the accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the Iranian delegation briefed President al-Assad on the details of the tripartite summit that brought together the leaders of Iran, Russia, and Turkey a few days ago, going over what had been discussed during it regarding the situation in Idleb and the Syrian al-Jazeera area, as well as the committee for discussing the constitution.

The meeting touched on some ideas that could be built upon to hold special conferences for the issue of Syria refugees in the near future, with President al-Assad affirming the importance of continuing constructive coordination among Syria and Iran and Russia regarding various issues that are related to Syria and the region.

President al-Assad said the United States and the West in general lost their hope in achieving the goals they had planned for before, and what is happening now is a game of depleting resources, the same policy currently being employed with Iran regarding the nuclear deal.

His Excellency said that with each success on the political and military levels, there will be more attempts to complicate issues, and not just the Syrian issues, adding “but at the same time, we are becoming more powerful and more efficient.”

President al-Assad said Syrian-Iranian-Russian coordination led to the realization of the committee for discussing the constitution despite all obstacles and hurdles that other sides which support terrorism tried to impose, reaching the final formula for the committee’s work mechanism, adding that the success of the committee and reaching beneficial results is linked to external sides not interfering in it.

For his part, Khaji said that coordination and discussions with the Syrian leadership are ongoing and will continue to be developed during the next stage, reiterating the Iranian leadership’s appreciation of the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army on the ground.

He stressed that Iran continues to support Syria and its leaderships in all upcoming political stages, in order to ensure the safety, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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