Al-Attar: Current conditions require solidarity and struggle along with the Army to restore security

Damascus, SANA-Vice President Najah al-Attar said Wednesday that the current conditions require solidarity and continuing struggle along with the Syrian Army to achieve security, peace and build what has been destroyed at the hands of Takfiri criminals.

Al-Attar was speaking at a celebration held by the Syrian Communist party on its 90th foundation anniversary as she pointed out to the important role played by the front parties in Syria for the sake of the Homeland, its independence and for Palestine throughout long decades.


For his part, Hanin Nimr, Secretary General of the Party, affirmed that Syria, through its national unity and solidarity with the Army and Leadership, will be able to hold a democratic, plural society and achieve a national developed economy.

He pointed out to the honorable history of the Communist party in struggling against Zionism and backing the Palestinian cause.


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