Mass grave of 200 bodies executed by Daesh discovered near Raqqa

Raqqa, SANA- Nearly 200 bodies of a mass grave in the vicinity of the Vanguards camp in Raqqa city were unearthed on Wednesday.

The bodies were for citizens executed by Daesh terrorists before their defeat. This catastrophe will add to many ones imposed on Raqqa city and its families by Daesh terrorists and the warplanes of the US-led coalition and Qasd militias as well.

Director of Health Department  in Raqqa Jamal Issa said in a press statement that a mass grave was discovered near Fkheikha village at the entrance of Raqqa southern side that includes bodies of tens of victims executed by Daesh terrorists when they were seizing the city.

Meanwhile, local sources said that a mass grave that contains tens of holes, each includes 5 bodies, were discovered in the Vanguards camp.


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