International Human Rights Committee: Israeli aggression against Syria a flagrant violation of international law

Beirut, SANA- The International Human Rights Committee affirmed that the Israeli entity has again committed a flagrant violation of the international law through its latest aggression against the Syrian territories which claimed the lives of a number of civilians including children and women.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Committee said that these acts of aggression “are condemned in all standards and they don’t come up with anything except targeting innocent civilians.”

The statement noted that the repeated acts of aggression by the US and “Israel” against Syria don’t serve the humanitarian international keenness on protecting civilians during wars, but we are witnessing the contrary through their sinister insistence on inflicting harm on the Syrian people who are suffering from tragedies daily due to the policies which are based on targeting their homeland.

Commissioner of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in the Middle East Haitham Abu Said, for his part, said that the repeated acts of aggression launched by “Israel” against Syria to kill the innocents and children is a part and parcel of the Israeli policy which depends on the killing and aggression.

Abu Said called for putting an end to the Israeli aggression against Syria through the international legal measures.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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