Foreign Ministry: Israeli aggression comes in the framework of attempts to prolong span of terrorist war against the country

Damascus, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed that the Israeli heinous aggression on Syrian territories last night comes in the framework of Israeli continued attempts to prolong span of the crisis in Syria and the terrorist war against the country.

“Israeli occupation forces at 12.35 a.m. Monday attacked once again Syrian territories in a flagrant violation of Security council resolution No. 350 of 1974 related to the disengagement of  forces agreement between the two sides through launching successive waves of missiles from over the Lebanese airspace, targeting regions in Damascus, Damascus countryside and Homs that claimed the lives of 4 martyrs, among them a baby and injuring 21 citizens, the majority of them were women and children and causing material damage to the houses of citizens,” said the Ministry in tow letters addressed to Secretary General of the UN and the Security council.

The Ministry added that all the Israeli aggressions have failed to intimidate the Syrian people, but they increased their determination to adhere to the inevitability of victory over terrorism and the restoration of the occupied Syrian Golan until June 4th line of 1967.

“Syria underlines that Israel continuation in its dangerous hostile method would have never be done except by the unlimited support offered by the US administration in particular and the immunity from punishment presented by it and known countries at the Security council, the Ministry said.

It called on Security council to assume its responsibilities, in the framework of UN convention, and take immediate and decisive procedures to prevent “Israel” from repeating its aggressions.

“Israel should be forced to respect UN resolutions regarding the disengagement of forces agreement and bringing it to justice for its crimes against the Syrian and Palestinian people in violation of UN relevant resolutions No. 242, 338, 350 and 497,” the Ministry concluded.

Mazen Eyon



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