Nine abductees held by terrorist groups in Aleppo countryside freed

Aleppo, SANA_ Nine abductees, including a child and two women, held by terrorist groups in Aleppo countryside were freed Friday.

SANA reporter said that the feed abductees are Bashar Kamel Subeeh, Nadir Asef Saqr, Alaa Ali Ali, Ali Adnan Fadel, Mazen Jamil Al-Abdullah, Ahmed Tawfiq Saqr, Emad Riad Sulaiman, Rasha Hadwan and Samar Ulian.

The freed abductees thanked soldiers of the Syrian Arab army who spared no effort to protect Syria, free them from their captors and return them to their towns and families.

On February 12, a group of abductee, held by terrorist organizations in Deir Qaq town in Aleppo eastern countryside, were freed.

The Syrian state is exerting enormous efforts to free abductees held by terrorist organizations and bring them back to their families, managing in the last few months to free many.


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