Mikdad: Hostile countries use inhuman means in the siege against Syria

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad said that the war on Syria did not end yet and it is represented today by imposing the unilateral, coercive economic measures which contradict international laws and legitimacy principles.

Mikdad, Delivering a speech at the opening session of Arab Economic Exchange Forum held at Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel on Wednesday, Mikdad said that the hostile countries use inhuman means in the economic blockade against Syria.

Mikdad wondered “How thousands of Syrians queue at petrol stations because of the  economic measures imposed by the West and the US while the Arab region gives oil to the whole world, and how some of them allow the death of Syrian children as a result of frost and the whether conditions while Arab oil reaches all over the globe.”

He called for confronting all the challenges and the economic wars being waged against the Arab nation, and implementing the joint Arab agreements and treaties, in addition to stirring the potential capabilities of the Arab people and taking the initiatives to prevent the foreign attempts from transforming the Arab World to isolated entities.

Mikdad reiterated Syria’s firm stance regarding the need to increase Arab investments and give priority to cooperation in joint Arab private and public projects.

He went on to say that the United States, its allies and the Zionist entity have sought to weaken the Arabs and exploit them humanely and economically in order to preserve their hegemony and keep the dominance of the Israeli occupation entity in the region.

The US administration’s stances on the occupied Jerusalem, the occupied Syrian Golan and Iranian revolutionary Guard constitute a crime, Mikdad said.

He indicated that the reconstruction stage has begun in Syria since the early days of liberating the areas from terrorism, adding that Syria is able to reconstruct thanks to the efforts of its people, and friendly countries.

Regarding the displaced Syrians , Mikdad indicated that Syria is exerting great efforts for their return to homeland despite the existence of countries known to impede their return to their homes and towns in order to exploit them as “a political paper under human framework.”


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