Students in Sweida province renew rejection of Trump’s declaration about occupied Syrian Golan

Sweida, SANA- Students in Sweida province on Thursday held a protest against US President Donald Trump’s declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan.

The students gathered in front of the Governorate building in Sweida city where they carried banners denouncing Trump’s declaration, stressing that it is categorically rejected not only by the Syrian people, but also by all the countries of the world and their international bodies.

They indicated that the Trump’s decision is unjust and void , affirming that Golan is an integral part of Syria and it will return to the motherland.

Speaking to SANA, head of Syrian Students National Union “NUSS”- Sweida branch, Wafaa al-Aflaq said that the protest is a message that the Golan has always been and will remain a Syrian Arab land.


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