Babis: Solving crisis in Syria is in interest of Europe

Prague, SANA- Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis affirmed that solving the crisis in Syria and restoring security and peace to the country comes in the interest of Europe as the Syrians will be able to return to their homeland.

Interviewed by Czech Lidové Noviny newspaper, Babis said ” The situation in Syria should be resolved and the war end, and the reconstruction process should start and people return to their homes.”

Babis indicated that he tackled the issue of the situations in Syria during his recent talks with US President Donald Trump at the White House because he is interested in the issue from the humanitarian side.

He added that Prague could be the perfect place to host a meeting between the US President Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold talks on solving the crisis in Syria.

Last November, Babis announced his country’s intention to establish an orphanage in Syria in coordination with the Syrian Government.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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