Syria and Russia say situation in al-Rukban camp disastrous

Moscow, SANA- The Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees on Repatriation of displaced Syrians reiterated that situation of the besieged civilians in al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf area remains disastrous, adding that Washington should take steps to disband the camp and pull its forces out of the area.

The committees said in a joint statement on Saturday that the US-backed terrorist organizations have been forcibly keeping thousands of  civilians for 1773 days, who are willing to leave al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf area occupied by the US troops.

“The situation in the camp remains disastrous, its residents have to survive in the most difficult conditions, facing militant violence on a daily basis,” the statement read.

“We once again call on the US to take steps to dismantle the Rukban camp and ensure the safety of those who are willing to return to their places of permanent residence, and leave the illegally occupied areas of Syria,” the statement said.

Syria , in cooperation with the allies and the humanitarian organizations, are doing its best to secure a decent life for its citizens, the statement said, adding that there will be no much time to rescue the displaced if the ideal condition are not provided for them in the camp.

“We expect that our Jordanian colleagues will continue participating in the implementation of initiatives concerning the return of Syrian refugees and the dismantling of the camp.” The statement concluded.



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