Army inflicts losses upon terrorists in Hama countryside

Hama, SANA – The army on Sunday responded to terrorist groups’ breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement as they attempted to sneak from the surroundings of Latamina and Hasraya towns into military points in northern Hama.

SANA reporter in Hama said that the army units dealt with the terrorists’ infiltration attempts from the outskirts of Latamina and Hasraya towns towards military points in Hama northern countryside, using the appropriate weapons.

A number of the terrorists were killed and their dens were destroyed.

Terrorist organizations launch rocket attacks on safe areas in Hama countryside

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations continued their violations of the de-escalation zones agreement by launching shells on safe areas in Mhardah in Hama northern countryside.

SANA reporter said that terrorist groups, positioned in al-Latamneh town in the northern countryside, attacked with several rocket shells the town Zalin to the East of Mhardah in Hama north-western countryside, causing only material damage.

The reporter added that the army responded to the terrorist attacks, destroying fortifications and dens of the terrorists.






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