Shaaban: Syrian people will not allow interference in their affairs

Moscow, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban reaffirmed that the Syrian people will not accept any interference in their affairs and that every inch of the Syrian territory will be restored to the Syrian sovereignty.

In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Thursday, Shaaban said the Syrian Arab people who made sacrifices will not allow anyone to interfere in their internal affairs or change its national identity.

She also stressed that the Syrian Arab army will work on restoring every inch of the Syrian territory to the Syrian sovereignty. 

In her comments on the situation in Idleb, Shaaban said terrorism cannot be tolerated in the province forever and should be brought to an end, stressing that the decision to liberate Idleb from terrorism has been taken by the Syrian leadership in coordination with the Russian ally.

Shaaban pointed out that the Turkish regime has not committed to the agreement on Idleb reached on the 17th of last September  in Sochi, adding that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to play other cards because he has failed in establishing a so-called “safe zone” he talked about. 

On dialogue with the Syrian Kurds, Shaaban affirmed that doors are open for dialogue and that the Kurds are a main part of the Syrian fabric, noting that the majority of the Kurds want for the unity and national sovereignty of the country to be preserved.

H. Said

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