Army inflicts losses upon terrorists in Hama and Idleb Countryside

Hama, SANA- Syrian Arab Army units operating in al-Hamamiyat town in Mharda northern countryside on Friday thwarted infiltration attempts by terrorist groups in the direction of Tal al-Sakhir village, SANA reporter in Hama Province said.

The army unit dealt with the terrorists using machinegun fire, killing or injuring scores of them.

The reporter said that the army units positioned in al-Zallaqiyat town, in the northern countryside of Mharda destroyed terrorist’s launch pads of the so-called ” al-Ezzah Brigades” in Latamina, about 35 km northwest of Hama .

The army units positioned in Talet Bazam, about 18 km northern countryside of Hama retaliated to the terrorist groups’ breaches of the demilitarized zone agreement and their attacks with shells on military points, inflicting losses upon the terrorists, the reporter added.

Later, the reporter indicated that the army units carried out artillery strikes against the positions of terrorists from the so-called “Turkistan Party” in the surroundings of Bdama and al-Najiya villages in the southwestern countryside of Idleb, in retaliation to their violations of the demilitarized zone agreement.

Later still, army units targeted with artillery fire terrorists in response to breaches at the southern outskirts of Morek town in Hama’s northern countryside, in addition to eliminating a terrorist group that was sneaking from the direction of Atash town, including a foreign terrorist known as “Abu Mojahed al-Indonesi.”

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