Army’s General Command announces southern region completely free of terrorism

Damascus, SANA-The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced that the entire southern region is now free of terrorism following the elimination of the last terrorist gatherings of ISIS terrorist organization in Tuloul al-Safa area deep inside Sweida eastern Badiya (Desert).

“Following a string of accurate and focused military operations, our valiant armed forces have established complete control over Tuloul al-Safa area which is of a complex volcanic nature, eliminating ISIS terrorists positioned there, and confiscated large amounts of light and medium weapons,” the Command said in a statement of which SANA received a copy on Monday.

The Command hailed the liberation as an achievement which is particularly significant given that an area of 380 square kilometers in the Syrian Badiya has been cleared of terrorism, which served as the last stronghold for ISIS in the southern region.

Liberating Tuloul al-Safaa area confirms the high combat efficiency of the Syrian army personnel and their insistence to chase and eliminate terrorists anywhere and everywhere across Syria, added the statement.

The Command concluded by reiterating commitment to uproot terrorism, stressing the necessity of exerting concerted efforts by all Syrian compatriots to restore security and stability to the entire Syrian land.


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