Khamis: The government determined to offer support for the return of industrial facilities

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Imad Khamis said Monday that the Syrian government is going ahead in providing support and facilities to restore the industrial establishments and to develop the productive structure and legislations.

Khamis, meeting some industrialists and businessmen at the industrial city in Adra, discussed the situation and obstacles which face them. He approved  a plan to launch a permanent exhibition for the products in the city  and ensure the needs of the health center in it, including equipment and staff.

He noted that Syria is a good investment environment , and the coming year will be the year of local products instead of the imported ones ,stating that 18000 facilities went back to work over the tow last years.

The Premier also agreed to provide loans to the industrialist who were affected by the latest weather conditions ,and treating the problems which caused stopping the facilities and working on solving them.

Rana Youssef/ Mazen



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