Architectural teams continue restoration works of Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo   

Aleppo, SANA- With great attention paid to details, restoration works of the Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo continued after the destruction it went through at the hands of Takfiri terrorists.

SANA’s camera kept pace with the underway works for restoring the elegance of the Mosque which constitutes one of the unique monuments that represent the ancient architectural style in Aleppo city.

Director of the restoration project Sakhir Olabi told SANA about the different stages of the restoration works at the mosque.

Olabi said that the current stage focuses on plugging the holes on the walls of the mosque through using the ancient stones of the mosque.

He added that there are mixtures for removing the traces of fires on the walls of the mosque, indicating that the decorative parts of the mosque went through a huge destruction; therefore, what was destroyed has been remanufactured according to the ancient design.

Olabi said that the restoration works also included the southern façade of the mosque which embraces the walls, pillars and the main prayer place.

He noted that the documentation process of the stones of the external minaret was also finished due to its great significance.

Member of the committee of the restoration process Engineer Tamim Qasmou said that the mosque is considered as a historical book which dates back to more than 1400 years ago, and that it has witnessed all the historical eras in Aleppo.

Qasmou added that the mosque was built in the reign of Umayyad Caliphate Suleiman Bin Abd al-Malek.

The Minaret was built in 1093 and it has remained steadfast despite of that many earthquakes hit the city, till it was destroyed by Takfiri terrorists.

He indicated that Aleppo city was listed on the list of the World Heritage List in 1986, and it is a great challenge to restore the historical and archeological sites to their previous status.

A large number of engineers, sculptors and craftsmen gather at the square of the mosque and its corridors to restore its elegance as it is considered as one of the biggest and most ancient mosques in Aleppo city.

Ruaa Jazaeri




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