Army discovers hideout for ‘White Helmets’ with ammunition inside it in Sahem al-Golan, Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA-An army unit discovered a hideout for the so-called ‘White Helmets’ organization with mines and ammunition inside during combing operations in the newly-liberated towns and villages in Daraa northwestern countryside, in yet another proof of their involvement in carrying out terrorist acts in Syria.

SANA’s reporter said that army units continue to sweep the villages of Hait, Jileen and Sahem al-Golan which have been liberated yesterday to secure them for the return of the displaced locals.

The reporter said that the hideout of the ‘White Helmets’ was found in Sahem al-Golan town with anti-armor mines and artillery shells’ fillings of various kinds inside it.

The reporter indicated that scores of displaced families have begun to return to their houses in Jileen town hours after liberating it from terrorists and the army’s sweeping operations in the town.

On Thursday, army units operating in the southern region liberated the villages and towns of al-Sheikh Hussein, Kawkab, al-Shabrak, Mseirteh, al-Lweihek, Salbak, Tal al-Jomou’ and Sahem al-Golan following fierce battles with Daesh (ISIS) terrorists whose control over areas has shrunk to narrow spaces in al-Shajara town and several other smaller villages in Daraa northwestern countryside.


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