Ala: Reports of international committee on situation in Syria subject to negative and hostile attitude

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN and international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, said that the discussions, resolutions, and reports about the situation in Syria at the Human Rights Council are still subject to presumptive political positions that target the Syrian government.

While discussing the international fact-finding committee’s report on Syria during a Human Rights Council session on Tuesday, Ala said in a statement that these positions and reports are subject to a negative and hostile attitude based on false accusation, distorting and falsifying facts, and spreading lies promoted by NGOs linked to terrorists and certain states that fund them.

He said that the committee’s report are fraught with contradictions and legal flaws, and continue to discuss issues beyond its mandate.

Ala said that the committee’s report on Eastern Ghouta promotes prefabricated accusations such as claims of besiegement, starvation, and intentional targeting of civilians and facilities, and it relies on illegal inferences with terms such as “likely” and “probably” to build deductions and accusation, in addition to relying on suspect testimonies from sources like the terrorist “White Helmets” organization, which was awarded USD 6.6 million for its role in fabricating and spreading videos about alleged chemical weapons use.

He said that the committee preempted the results of the technical teams regarding the allegations of chemical weapons use, selectively adopting fake narratives about the Douma incident while ignoring all documented testimonies that prove the incident did not take place, and it went so far as to claim it can specify the type of chemicals used without relying on any legal or technical requirements.

Ala said the committee also attempts to justify the crimes of terrorist groups, refraining from acknowledging the state’s full legal right to defend itself and its citizens.

He also denounced the continuing accusations about forced deportation and detainment at housing centers, adding that the committee’s reports also fail to hold regional and international sides responsible for the crimes committed by the terrorists they fund and manage, not to mention the crimes of the illegitimate US-led coalition which employed a “scorched earth” policy in Raqqa.

Hazem Sabbagh

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