First Ramadan after siege was broken: Deir Ezzor locals enjoy a safe Ramadan

Deir Ezzor, SANA-For the first time after three years, the locals of Deir Ezzor city are enjoying the tranquil days of Ramadan in a clam and cozy atmosphere unperturbed by the booms of terrorist shells and gunfire of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists who had imposed a crippling blockade on the city before the Syrian Arab Army driven the terrorist organization out.

Ramadan, a month when Muslims all over the work observe a dawn-till-dusk fasting, this year offers a stark contrast to previous years when the city was under ISIS draconian control which turned the holy month to one of collective punishment, intimidation and bullying, casting a dark shadow over the city.

“This year, Ramadan has witnessed the return of Deir Ezzor locals to enjoy the holy month’s rituals that have been absent for the past three years. We went through hard times. No food, no drinks, not to mention the shells that rained down on the locals on a daily basis,” Saleh Abu Shakir tells of the horrors that the city suffered.

Abdul-Rahman al-Fadel says there had been profound bitterness over the last years as the rituals of the holy months were absent. “But today, the situation is back to normal. There are reunions of families and friends, and Souqs are bustling.”

The locals used to break their fasting on mere bread and water and at best on what was offered in humanitarian aid, Raeda al-Abdalla reflects, saying that this scarcity has now been replaced with abundance and a prevalent sense of security reminiscent of pre-war days.

Food, water and fuel were in short supply, says Widad al-Ibrahim of the former situation in Deir Ezzor before the Syrian army broke the siege, amid a chilling lack of safety and absence of loved ones. “But now safety and security are back. Families and friends are getting together on Iftar banquets, thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.”


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