Syria: Turkish regime forces occupation of Afrin illegitimate act

Damascus, SANA- Syria affirmed on Monday that Turkish regime forces occupation of Afrin city is illegitimate act which contradicts with UN Charter and principles and international law as well, calling on the invading forces to immediately withdraw from the Syrian territory.

“Head of the Turkish regime declared control of his invading forces over the Syrian city of Afrin on March 18th, 2018 which followed two-month aggression, claiming the lives and injuring of thousands of civilians in Afrin and its surroundings… this criminal act also led to the displacement of tens of thousands of the Syrians who suffered the plague of homelessness and deprivation of basic services,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in two letters sent to UN Secretary General and Chairman of Security council.

“As part of the crimes committed by the Turkish army forces, including the ethnic cleansing policy, the properties of the citizens have been looted , their homes destroyed and many of them were detained,” the Ministry added, describing the Turkish regime acts as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

It affirmed that all the resolutions issued by the UNSC stressed the need for preserving the territorial integrity of Syria and respect for its sovereignty, but Erdogan’s regime was not satisfied to violate the simplest basic rules of good neighbor policy or human rights, but it threatens to occupy more Syrian territory in Aleppo, Raqqa and Hasaka provinces.

The Ministry added that any one can’t separate between those policies and the continued aggression perpetrated by the illegitimate US- led coalition on Syria sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

“While Syria condemns the Turkish aggression and calls on the Turkish invading forces to immediately withdraw from the Syrian territory, it demands UNSC to assume its responsibilities and stop such aggression and work for the withdrawal of the Turkish regime forces.


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