Moscow slams UNHRC resolution on Syria, says it is irrelevant to human rights

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Ministry slammed on Monday the UN Human Rights Council resolution on what it called “the deteriorating of human rights situation in Eastern Ghouta,” saying that the resolution is irrelevant regarding real concerns about human rights in Syria or the humanitarian needs of its people.

In a statement, the Ministry noted that the UK delegation position proves that, as it “with the support of the United States,” refused to back the amendments proposed by Russia and a number of other states which were aimed at condemning terrorism in Syria, the shelling of Damascus by gunmen, and warning illegal armed groups against preventing civilians from leaving East Ghouta.

“Thus, the representatives of the United States and the UK actually acknowledged their own unwillingness to comply with the requirements of UNSC resolution 2401 and, in fact, confirmed their support to the terrorists in East Ghouta, many of which are associated with Al-Qaeda,” the statement read.


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