Update-Scores of civilians martyred or injured due to Turkish regime’s aggression on Afrin area

Aleppo/Hasaka, SANA – The Turkish regime’s forces and its mercenary terrorist groups continued their aggression on Afrin area, targeting with different type of weapons villages and towns, which resulted in injuring and martyring 23 civilians at least.

Medical source in Afrin Hospital told SANAs’ reporter that the hospital received 22 injured civilians, including 7 children and 10 women.

Civil sources asserted that the Turkish regime committed a new massacre in Jandairis town, stating that as a result of the intensive shelling, medical crews and the civil defense were unable to count the number of victims or to offer any help to the wounded.

The sources pointed out that at least one woman was martyred, another civilian was injured, and huge destruction was caused to properties as a result of the Turkish regime’s aggression and its violent shelling of Tal Aswad.

Later, SANA’s reporter in Aleppo said that two civilians, a girl among them, were martyred and eight others were injured as a result of Turkish attack with shells on Frirya village in Afrin area.

Three civilians injured due to Turkish shelling attack on Qamishli city

Three civilians were injured due to a Turkish attack with shells on a residential neighborhood in Qamishli city near the Syrian-Turkish borders.

SANA’s reporter in Hasaka said that two artillery’s shells were fired by Turkish forces on al-Mahmaqia neighborhood near Nisibin crossing, injuring three civilians.

Material damage was also caused due to the attack.

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