Egyptian delegation visits Syrian consulate to announce solidarity with Syria

Cairo, SANA- an Egyptian delegation comprising popular and political figures visited the Syrian consulate in Cairo to announce solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism.

The delegation included members of the Islamic and Arab Assembly for supporting Resistance and Future Pioneers movement as well as a number of figures.

Islamic and Arab Assembly rapporteur in Egypt Jamal Zahran affirmed the importance of returning normal relations between Syria and Egypt.

In turn, the Palestinian politician Farouk Hassan said that Syria has firmly stood against plots of some countries, expressing confidence that Syria will remain immune against enemies.

Head of Syrian consular mission in Cairo Riyadd Sneih, for his part, stressed that Syria will be a turning-point in the history of Arab Nation through its resistance, adding that those who plotted against Syria will pay the price.

Maya Dayoub/Mazen

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