Syrian children win six first places at Belarusian musical talent competition

Minsk, SANA- Syrian Children won six first place awards in the final stage of a Belarusian musical talent competition during their participation in the Children’s Winter Camp in the city of Zubrionok.

In the singing category, Abdulrahim Halabi from Solhi al-Wadi Institute and Yaman Kassar won first place, while in the music category the first place awards went to Farah Suleiman for playing the flute, Maria Shahin from Solhi al-Wadi Institute for the cello, and Khaled Sinan for the guitar from Awtar Music Institute.

In the dance category, the dance group of the Ballet School, which is affiliated to the Music and Ballet Institutes Directorate, also won first place.

The competition was part of the Children’s Winter Camp for Syrian and Belarusian children. It was held at the National Center for Education and Health in Zubrionok.

The participants were children between the ages of 13 and 18.

Emma / Hazem Sabbagh

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