Charity Bazar in support of the Syria Arab army’s wounded personnel opened

DAMASCUS, SANA – Activities of charity bazar entitled “Nour al-Balad al-Kairi” (Country’s Light for Charity) kicked off on Saturday at the Damascus-based Sheraton hotel in support of the Syrian Arab army’s wounded personnel.

A number of economic activities and NGOs participate in the 2-day bazar which is organized by “Al-Waad Al-Sadek (Truthful Pledge) Foundation” in coordination with the Ministries of Social Affairs and Labor, Tourism and Information.

The bazar includes various works of handicrafts and ready-made garments.

Rana Tabaa, the organizer of the Bazar said the foundation is careful to establish an annual social and economic event to support the Army’s wounded personnel.

Tabaa pointed out that the products are sold directly to visitors, clarifying that the bazar conveys a message that work and production will continue despite difficulties imposed by the terrorist war on Syria.

Al-Waad Al-Sadek (Truthful Pledge) charitable foundation was launched 4 years ago as the first enterprise to care for the civilians and military personnel who have been the victims of terrorist attacks.

Emma / Ghossoun

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