Update-Eight civilians injured, material damage caused due to shells on Damascus and its countryside

Damascus, SANA- Eight civilians were injured, material damage was caused  on Saturday when armed groups targeted with shells residential houses in many areas in Damascus and its countryside , in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement in Eastern Ghouta.

A source at the Damascus police command told SANA that the armed groups fired a mortar shell that fell inside the Mariamite Cathedral in Bab Touma, injuring three civilians, and causing material damage.

The source added that the armed groups fired a rocket shell on al-Bzorieh intersection, injuring three civilians.

The source said that the armed group also targeted Kafarsouseh power station with a rocket shell, causing material damage but no casualties.

In Damascus countryside, a source at Police Command said that five shells fired by the armed groups fell in the neighborhoods of al-Khider, kashkoul, al-Derieh street in Jaramana area, injuring one person and causing material damage.

One person also was injured as the armed groups targeted with four shells Harasta residential suburb, causing only material damage, the source said.

Shaza/ Ghossoun


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