Foreign Ministry laments the degradation of Arab League

Damascus, SANA – Syria denounced on Tuesday what happened at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League countries, criticizing the bad situation the League has stooped to.

The Arab League has been degraded into becoming “a tool steered by the money of the oil sheikhdoms against the interests of the [Arab] nation and its existence and common security in implementation of the dictates of the nation’s enemies,” an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA.

The source slammed the subversive and conspiratorial role of the oil money controlling the Arab league in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine, dismissing this role as a “black page in the history of the League and a renunciation of the very principles the League has been based on,” adding that this role has severely harmed the peoples of the nation in various countries and highly jeopardized the Arab national security.

“Those who have provided all forms of support to the Takfiri terrorism and are practicing genocide against the brotherly Yemeni people don’t have the credibility to talk about the Arab national security as they are the real threat jeopardizing the interests of the nation and the Arab national security,” the source lashed out.

It continued its criticism by saying those who claim they are keen on non-interference in the affairs of the Arab countries do not open the doors wide for everyone to interfere in those countries’ affairs.

The Foreign Ministry source highlighted that preserving the interests, sovereignty, existence and common security of the nation can’t be through “making up enemies” in implementation of the desires of the foreign powers and in service of Israel.

The source highlighted that the people of the Arab world, having been a witness to the conspiracy of the so-called “Arab Spring”, know very well what Hezbollah and Iran have done in the course of confronting the Takfiri terrorism and know the sacrifices they have made to foil this conspiracy and resist the Zionist expansionist aggression.

H. Said

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