Sport and support come together within “We love you, Adam”_VIDEO

Lattakia, SANA – “We Love You, Adam” is a humanitarian initiative launched by Tishreen Sport Club for honoring the Club’s fan Adam Saleh, a boy suffering from a life-threatening disease.

The Club’s Administration let the seven-year-old boy play the starting ball of the football match between Tishreen and al-Majd within the fifth stage of the league.

The audience in the stadium- estimated at 15,000 people- chanted “We love you, Adam”, with the boy V-signing in return wearing the T-shirt of Tishreen Club.

Head of Tishreen Club Muawia Jaafar told SANA that Adam is a fan of the Club who keeps attending the matches of the team, even after starting chemotherapy, noting that sport is an equivalent of life and that is why the Club Administration chose to honor Adam and other children with similar cases in order to support their life paths.

A footballer from the Club promised to give Adam his T-shirt and offered to financially support Adam’s treatment.

R. Milhem/H. Said

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