Putin: The most important thing is to consolidate cessation of hostilities in Syria

Beijing, SANA- Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that the most important thing is to consolidate the cessation of hostilities in Syria, hoping that the de-escalation zones would be an effective tool.

“The establishment of the de-escalation zones in Syria is aimed primarily at consolidating the cessation of hostilities, the reconciliation process in this country is impossible without that,” Putin told reporters at the end of an international economic Forum in Beijing.

He said “I hope very much that this (the creation of de-escalation zones) will be an effective tool, above all, for maintaining the cessation of hostilities.”

Putin added that it is essential now to consolidate “the ceasefire,” which will be the basis for the subsequent political process. “If the situation evolves in accordance with this scenario, it will be possible to say that we are attaining the goals that have been set.”However, any effective political process, as we all understand, is out of the question without the ceasefire.”

The President went on to say that experts from Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet to hold consultations on the formulation specific criteria for the work of de-escalation zones in Syria.

“However, at the moment it is necessary, and we will be doing that at military level at a meeting in Istanbul or in Ankara. Russia, Iran and Turkey will discuss, naturally, while maintaining permanent dialogue with the Syrian side, the specific boundaries of these de-escalation zones and control elements – how, where and who will control and what,” the Russian president said, adding that these specific issues are up for discussion. “So far, it is early to talk about that in public,” Putin noted.


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