WPC strongly condemns US aggression on Syria

Prague, SANA- The World Peace Council “WPC” strongly condemned the recent US missile attack against Syria, saying that the US committed a crime under a pretext which has no evidence and that it would further deteriorate the situations in Syria and the region.

“The US bombing of Syria constitutes not only the violation of the principles of the UN Charter but is also the continuation of the US policies of the previous US administrations,” the Council said in a statement.

“After having created, trained and financed the armed mercenary groups of “ISIS” and others, the USA, NATO and the EU along with its allies in the region, are providing support to armed terrorist groups, through attacks on the Syrian army,” the statement added.

The WPC expressed solidarity with the Syrian people and the peoples of the region for their rights to determine freely and without any foreign interference their fortunes.

The WPC also condemned “The double moral of the imperialists, who carry out attacks on peoples and nations, driving hundreds of thousands to become refugees and at the same time “shed tears” about the displaced people who run away for their lives.”


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