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February, 2020

  • 16 February

    Removing barricades and berms on Aleppo-Damascus International Highway

  • 16 February

    Industry Minister inspects al-Zirbeh area in Aleppo

  • 14 February

    Syrian air defenses intercept hostile targets


  • 13 February

    Locals in Khirbet Ammo in Qamishli eastern countryside throw stones at US occupation vehicles and prevent them from passing

  • 12 February

    SANA’s camera accompanies army units in al-Zarba village, ICARDA Center in Aleppo southwestern countryside after liberating them from terrorism

  • 11 February

    One person injured in a car bomb blast in al-Mezzeh, Damascus

  • 11 February

    SANA’s camera accompanies army units al-Barqoum in Aleppo southern countryside after liberating it from terrorism

  • 9 February

    SANA’s camera accompanies army units in Saraqeb City after its liberation from terrorism

  • 9 February

    Army units advancing from Aleppo southern countryside and Idleb eastern countryside meet at Talet al-Eis after eliminating terrorism from it

  • 7 February

    Army units enter Saraqeb and start combing it from the remnants of terrorists