The Army restores security to more areas in Aleppo, Lattakia and Daraa

Provinces, SANA- The Army and Armed Forces continued its counter-terrorism operations on Saturday, restoring security and stability to new areas, killing large numbers of terrorists and inflicting losses upon ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, and other terrorist organizations in several areas.


An army unit, in cooperation with the supporting forces, restored security and stability to al-Tamoura village in the northern countryside of Aleppo province, a source on the ground told SANA on Saturday.

Intensive army operations were carried out during the past hours against fortifications of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the northern countryside of Aleppo that resulted in restoring security and stability to al-Tamoura village, the source explained.

The village is located southwest of al-Zahraa area and it overlooks Hayyan town and the northwestern parts of Andan town.

Later, explosive devices and mines left behind by the terrorists in the village were removed.

Meanwhile, an army unit killed 9 terrorists and destroyed a vehicle for them in Abd-Rabbah Hill in al-Lairamoun area in northern Aleppo, while another unit killed three terrorists and injured others in the surroundings of Heddiyeh Hill in southern Aleppo.

Later on the day, the reporter said an army unit restored security and stability to Jub al-Kalb village located to the thermal station in the eastern countryside of the province after eliminating the remaining gatherings of ISIS terrorists in it.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages that a number of their members were killed during army operations in Aleppo, including the military leader of the so-called “Fajr al-Sham Islamic Movement” named Nemr al-Shukri and another leader with the same group named Zakaraya Orfali.


Army units restored security and stability to some areas and strategic hills in the area surrounding Kansaba area in the north eastern countryside of Lattakia after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon terrorist organizations.

A military source said in a statement to SANA that army units eliminated during an intensive operation the remaining gatherings of terrorists in Rweiset Khandaq al-Blat, Rweiset Jard al-Shouk, Rweiset Hareeqet Suleiman, al-Sweidiyeh Mountain, Rweiset Qteilbeh Houkeh, Kafarteh village, Hill 454 and 846 point, 55 kilometers to the north east of Lattakia.

The operations destroyed a number of dens and vehicles for terrorists before many of them fled away to the areas near the Syrian -Turkish borders.

Later, army units in cooperation with popular defense groups restored security and stability to Arah village and Point 515 in Lattakia northern countryside after ridding them of the remaining terrorist hotbeds.

Engineering units dismantled explosive devices which terrorists left behind to hinder the army’s progress.


Army and Armed Forces units restored security to the eastern part of al-Bajabja neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa city after eliminating large numbers of terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, including some of the terrorists’ leaders, and destroying their munitions and equipment, a military source told SANA.

Earlier, the source said the army carried out operations in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa city, which resulted in destroying terrorists’ hotbeds, bases, and vehicles in al-Bajabja neighborhood, the western part of al-Menshiye neighborhood, the surroundings of the air defense battalion, the old customs building, al-Bado alley, al-Karak neighborhood, and Wadi al-Zaidi.

An army unit carried out a precise operaiton which targeted terrorists’ concentrations in al-Naima town east of Daraa city, killing most members of a terrorist group there.

Terrorists acknowledged on their social media pages that the army operations in Daraa al-Balad resulted in the death of a number of their members including Wael Mohammad al-Masalmeh, in addition to reporting that a number of their leaders were killed when a landmine exploded and destroyed a car that was transporting them.

The dead terrorist leaders are Ahmad Fawzi al-Hamidi from Jaish al-Islam, Mohammad Abdelghani al-Hajji al-Mikdad from “Tahrir Bosra” birgade, Majed Mustafa al-Mleihan from “Maghawir al-Lajat” brigade, and Mohammad Abdullah al-Kasour al-Hariri from “Amoud Horan” squad.


An army unit clashed with ISIS) terrorists on the axis that extends from al-Rmaila village to al-Sathyiat Land in Salamyia area in the eastern countryside of Hama.

A military source told SANA that another army unit foiled an attempt by the ISIS terrorists to infiltrate into the surroundings of al-Rmaila village, killing 10 of them while others fled leaving their arms and ammunition behind them.


Meanwhile, Units of the army carried out special operations against dens of ISIS terrorists in the northeastern countryside of Sweida province.

The army’s operations ended up with  destroying a gathering of ISIS terrorists in Rajam al-Dawla village and one of their cars on the outskirts of the Syrian Badiya “desert”.

Deir Ezzor

Army  unitsdestroyed dens and positions of the ISIS terrorists in intensive strikes carried out over the past hours against their gatherings in Deir Ezzor and its eastern countryside.

A field source told SANA that the strikes were carried out according to precise information about the gatherings and positions of the ISIS terrorists in the neighborhoods of al-Rashidyia, al-Hwaiqa, al-Hamidyia, the Old Airport, al-Ma’amel Roundabout and the surroundings of al-Rasafa neighborhood in Deir Ezzor City and in al-Mrai’ayia village in its eastern countryside.

The source added that the operations ended up with inflicting heavy losses upon the ISIS terrorists in the equipment and personnel, in addition to destroying varied arms and ammunition that were in their possession.

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