SANA completes its training plan within “Live Syria 2015” campaign

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) completed its training plan within the national campaign” Live Syria 2015”, concluding its fourth and final training course on Monday.

SANA provided more than 60 students and graduates trainees from the Faculty of Journalism at Damascus University with practical and professional experience and expertise.

During 2015, trainees participated along with SANA staff including editors and reporters in the editorial work and viewed the work requirements at news agencies and they were able to apply their theoretical knowledge on the ground.

Adib Rudwan, managing editor at SANA said that the number of the trainees during the four courses in SANA within “Live Syria 2015” campaign, including graduates and students at the Faculty of Information reached more than 60 trainees in four courses.

In early 2015, Information Ministry announced joining ” Live Syria 2015” campaign by providing free courses in all its establishments and institutes in addition to discounts on advertisements and a comprehensive coverage of all the campaign’s activities.

Qabas Mijo/ Manal

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