Russian warplanes hit 2,084 terrorist targets since beginning of operations in Syria

Moscow, SANA – Russian warplanes carried out 1,631 sorties and hit 2,084 terrorist targets since the launch of the Russian counter-terrorism operation in Syria, according to chief of the Main Department for Operations at the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Gen Andrey Kartapolov.

Kartapolov said that a total of 287 various control centers for terrorists, 52 training camps, 40 plants and workshops for manufacturing bombs and missiles, 155 various munitions and fuel depots have been destroyed in the Russian air operation which began on September 30th.

On a relevant note, a military source confirmed those figures in a statement to SANA, saying that the Russian airstrikes have resulted in reducing the effectiveness of the command, communication, and provisioning systems of terrorist organizations, and inflected heavy losses upon them which caused the terrorists’ morale to plummet.

Earlier on Tuesday, the spokesman for the Russian Aerospace Forces Igor Klimov announced that a Russian Su-24 warplane dropped two BETAB-500 concrete-piercing bombs on two ISIS positions in Syria, which resulted in destroying the two positions totally.

Klimov said that that the two bombs, weighing 500 kilograms each, are used to destroy well-protected fortified underground bunkers, and that they are not dropped on towns.

Manar/ Barry / Hazem Sabbagh

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