ISIS lays mines on Syrian-Turkish borders


Ankara, SANA The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS” terrorists laid mines on the border line between Syria and Turkey near Karkamis city in the province of Gaziantep, Turkish Milliyet newspaper said Monday.

The paper added that members of ISIS terrorist organization laid mines in certain areas on the border at the sight of the Turkish soldiers, asserting that they also surrounded the houses locating on the border with trenches.

On Sunday, Turkish Yurt newspaper unveiled that residence permits granted by Erdogan’s regime to members of ISIS, who have infiltrated into Ain al-Arab city and perpetuated savage crime against civilians, were seized.

Erdogan’s Regime, which is still involved in shedding the Syrian blood, continues offering all kind of support to terrorist organizations in Syria through building training camps, arming and facilitating their movements into Syria to commit crimes against the Syrian people and recently offered them  logistic assistance to attack Idleb city.

H. Zain/ Barry

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