A stand at Tishreen University in Lattakia in support for Russia and its people

Lattakia, SANA- Students and profs of Tishreen University in Lattakia have staged a solidarity stand in support for Russia and its people.

The participants affirmed their rejection of the US and Western policies aimed at destabilizing Russia’s security, and they raised flags to stress their support for Russian people and leadership.

For her part, Director of Public Relations at the Syrian-Russian community in Syria Ina Prytkov thanked the Syrian people for their solidarity with the Russian Army, leadership and people during this stage as the two countries face powers of imperialism and terrorism.

In turn, Rector of the University, Bassam Hasan told SANA that the stand is a message of loyalty to every side that stood by Syria against terrorism, adding that the Syrian people now show their support to international peace and security.

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