After hiatus for three months, water pumped to Hasaka eastern neighborhoods

Hasaka, SANA- After hiatus for three months, the General Establishment for Drinking water in Hasaka Province has started to pump water again to the eastern neighborhoods in Hasaka city.

Hasaka Governor, Ghassan Khalil said in a statement to SANA that pumping water began on Monday evening to the eastern neighborhoods of the city (al-Azizyia, al-Salhiyeh, al-Talay’a, Khashman and al-Mufti) after a long interruption of water pumping due to the practices of the Turkish occupation which had deliberately stopped the operation of Alouk water plant depriving more than a million citizens of drinking water.

The Governor added that 14 wells and 4 horizontal pumps have been operated in Alouk project after feeding them with electricity coming from the Dirbasyia power station, noting that the establishment has pumped water to the city’s neighborhoods according to the previous water rationing schedule.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation forces, since their occupation of Ras al-Ain city, have stopped the operation of Alouk water plant more than 28 times and have deprived the citizens of the only water source in the city.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-jazarei

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