Ministry of Information announces death of journalist Muwafaq Al-Khani

Damascus, SANA- Ministry of Information on Tuesday announced the death of renowned colleague, Muwafaq Al-Khani, who passed away in Damascus today at the age of 100.

Late al-Khani was born in Damascus in 1922, and his first article was published in a local newspaper when he was in the elementary stage, he wrote in al-Jundi magazine in 1946 and in Al-Thawra newspaper in 1982.

The deceased began preparing and presenting scientific programs on the Syrian radio in 1975 and has worked in the television since 1961 with a weekly program titled “Science Magazine.”

In 1963 he started his famous program “from A to Z” which continued, without suspension, until 2004. He also directed many important documentary films about the Syrian Air Force, Ain al-Fijah Water Establishment, the oil industry in Syria and various fields of science.

The deceased had participated in the independence, when he abandoned  the French army and joined the gendarmerie in 1946, and with his comrades, he received al- Mezzeh military airport and helped equip   al-Doumeir military airport, he also participated with his comrades in establishing the Syrian Air Force and participated in the Palestine War in 1948 and was awarded the Syrian Order of Merit for his participation in the Palestine War.

Late al-Khani wrote a book “from A to Z” in 1992 and was honored by the Higher Council of Science and the Ministries of Information, Tourism, Health, Culture, Oil and others.


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