People of Ayn al-Arab repel new ISIS assault, recapture more areas

Aleppo, SANA –Efforts of the people of Ayn al-Arab city to hold off members of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who are seeking to take control of the city continue unabated.

A fresh assault launched by ISIS last night from the eastern part of the city was repelled, as confirmed by local sources.

The sources said the assault, which aimed at reaching the border crossing with Turkey, was carried out on two axes in a bid by ISIS terrorists to close in around the positions of the city’s defenders in the north.

The locals, the sources, confirmed, were able to push back the terrorists, killing eight of them in an ambush set near the municipality’s building in the city, adding that the popular units defending Ayn al-Arab have also managed to retake an area which the terrorists had earlier seized.

In a relevant context, media sources reported that ISIS has brought in additional reinforcements yesterday and today after all its attempts to seize control of the city since early October have failed due to the unabated resistance by the locals.

The people of Ayn al-Arab city, northeast of Aleppo, repelled on Friday attacks by ISIS terrorists on a number of areas and regained control of the cultural center and the 48th Street.

The locals also eliminated ISIS concentrations in the village of Minazi southwest of the city and assumed control of the area around the radio tower in the city’s western countryside.

Haifa Said

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