FM: The US’s attitude on Iran nuclear deal shows disrespect for int’l law

Damascus, SANA – Syria dismissed the US administration’s position on the Iranian nuclear deal and its threat to cancel the deal and impose new coercive sanctions on Iran, saying this stance shows that this administration does not respect the conventions and its obligations under international agreements.

This also shows that the US administration’s attitudes towards international security and stability cannot be trusted, an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA in a statement on Sunday.

The source said it is “unacceptable” that the US administration turns its back on this deal and uses the language of threats, as this “contravenes the international conventions and pacts,” while Iran has strictly committed to the deal, as confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the countries that are signatories to the deal, including the US’s allies.

The Ministry’s source said Syria was not surprised by the Trump’s administration’s stance against the Iran nuclear deal and its attempt to pull out of it in line with the anti-deal attitudes of the Israeli government and the latter’s supporters in Washington.

Syria also slammed the US administration for imposing unilateral coercive sanctions against Iran and its institutions at a time when Tehran is actively contributing to fighting terrorism in the region, unlike what the US-led coalition has been doing.

The Foreign Ministry’s source voiced Syria’s condemnation of the US administration’s aggressive policies against the interests of peoples, warning this would lead to increasing tension in the region and the world and jeopardize the international peace and security.

The source also expressed Syria’s solidarity with Iran’s stance and the rights of its people to develop their technological, scientific and developmental capacities.

Syria has supported the deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 in 2015 on the Iranian nuclear file, considering that the agreement would contribute to cementing regional and international security
through adopting dialogue and respect of the international law as means to solve problems regionally and internationally.

In the meantime, Syria has continued to draw the international community’s attention to the dangers posed by the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal on the security and stability of the region. Said

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