Damascus International Fair’s visual identity, a Syrian-global artistic fusion

Damascus, SANA- In marketing, the distinctive visual identity captures hearts and remains in the minds of those who see it. The visual identity of Damascus International Fair in its 59th edition combined the cultural and social Syrian elements, in addition its global character.

The vision behind the visual identity of the Fair relied on the features of global designs including the strength and the speed of imprinting on the receiver’s mind and being easy to remember and distinctive, giving it a distinct nature and flexibility in marketing the Fair through all the media outlets.

The designer of Damascus International Fair’s visual identity in its current session, artist Badi Jahjah, told SANA that the Fair’s logo is the shape of the Damascene Sword monument which stands in the Umayyad Square, which once included the flags of the participating countries, adding “we altered the global color mixture with its intersecting circles that reflect economic exchange and the international market’s movement, in addition to mixing and pluralism.”

In turn, actor Fadi Subeih noted that the Fair’s logo is modern and inclusive because it included two basic elements: the symbol, which is the Damascus Sword, is associated with Syrian peoples’ heritage, and the slogan “Syria is pulsing with life” that expresses the desire for the return of security and stability to Syria.

Shaza/ Hazem Sabbagh

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