Yazigi underlines Syrian expatriates’ key role to revive tourism sector

Damascus, SANA – Future entertainment, religious and rural tourism investment projects, pricing in tourist facilities, designing tourism brochures, qualifying tourist guides and cadres  and other issues were the focus of talks between Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi and the delegation of Syrian expatriates in the US.

During the meeting, Minister Yazigi underlined the key role of Syrian expatriates in the upcoming stage, particularly in the tourism sector which has gradually recovered and achieved a quantitative leap in terms of domestic and external tourism despite all destruction and damage caused by terrorist groups.

He indicated to the ministry’s efforts to develop a mobile app for travelers and tourists which provides a map of Syria, popular tourist destinations and best restaurants to visit.

 For her part, Head of the delegation Zubeida al-Qaderi highlighted the progress made in tourism sector and the level of services provided in tourist facilities.

Other delegation members noted that the visit aims at discovering possible investment opportunities and facilitations provided to expatriates in order to actively contribute to the reconstruction projects.

They indicated to the efforts exerted by expatriates since the very beginning of the crisis to convey the reality of what is taking place on the ground to the world through organizing meetings with members of the U.S. Congress and delivering lectures at the cultural centers.



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