Premier Khamis receives Arab and Iranian businessmen participating in Syria Moda exhibition

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Monday received a delegation of Arab and Iranian businessmen participating in Syria Moda exhibition for clothing which had kicked off on Sunday in Damascus city.

During the meeting, Premier Khamis underlined the importance of the businessmen’s participation as it expresses their support for Syria in the face of the coercive unilateral economic steps imposed on it, adding that this also sends a message that Syria is ready to resume work and production.

Khamis briefed the delegation on the state of production in Syria which is recovering in light of the facilitations provided by the government, inviting the businessmen to establish investment projects.

“We’re currently working under the conditions of war and its repercussions, and we decided to rely upon ourselves primarily, and factories are working again,” he said, hoping that the businessmen’s participation in the exhibition will form the nucleus for bigger cooperation in the future.

The Premier also noted that he instructed the Transport Ministry to rent a plane for shipping goods between Syria and Iraq, asserting that the government is ready to provide all necessary facilitations to any Syrian businessman staying abroad who wishes to return and take part in the production process.

For their part, the businessmen said that organizing the exhibition is a success for the Syrian state and sends a clear message to everyone saying that Syria is well and production is continuing.

They noted that Syria is a main source of clothing that is known for its good quality and craftsmanship, adding that they saw for themselves that the reality in Syria is different from what is being portrayed by malicious media.

The participating Algerian businessmen called for providing banking facilitations due to the difficulty of transferring funds from Algeria to Syria and vice versa and establishing a marine shipping lane from Lattakia to Algeria, while Libyan businessmen called for providing facilitations to help them establish factories in Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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